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We are 100% confident in the quality of our products, that's why our company is the only manufacturer that provides a record guarantee - 45 days!
The confidence in the excellent quality of the goods and the presence of the artisans of the highest level at the factory allow us to make compromises and offer you such conditions under which you can count on an elite service for a month and a half!

This is what distinguishes our bags:

delivery & service


The quality materials of premium-class. To manufacture the bags (with the exception of articles made of suede and the canvas), the Italian factory Giannico uses only the genuine leather of special currying which has passed a careful selection carried out by the experts of first-class;

The original models. The factory applies unique models which are used by famous fashion houses for the production of their bags;

The expensive accessories. Every element of the "Boutique Bags" bags has the highest quality and is made of exclusive and expensive materials. Throughout the entire lifetime, it does not change its attractive appearance;

The treatment of internal seams. The masters of the Italian factory pay much attention to the internal seams: they have the smooth edges and are uniform in thickness.

The diamond processing of genuine leather. The result is amazing: the leather becomes completely different. It is perfect! This processing affects its quality characteristics, such as wear resistance and smoothness.

The masters of the Giannico factory produce the bags without neglecting any detail. For the special leather currying, for the cutting work according to the original models, for the accurate treatment of seams and accessories of only one bag they often spend several weeks, as in the European fashion houses!